About us.


For students

We are the Junge Gesellschaft für Informatik (Youth German Informatics Society), an open forum for young people passionate about technology. Our mission is to think outside the box to discuss IT, careers, ethics, and society. We represent the Gesellschaft für Informatik (German Informatics Society) on university level in Berlin and Brandenburg. Whether you are a fellow student or a young professional, we are happy to welcome you here at JGI!

For companies

Our goal is to be the first point of contact for IT-related study programs and become one of the university groups with the largest membership in Berlin and Brandenburg. We rely on transparent structures, high-quality events, and meaningful cooperations with industry and research partners to achieve this. But not only do we benefit from the partnership, but we also allow companies to get in touch with the young professionals of tomorrow directly and conveniently.

How we work

#1 Who we are

We officially meet biweekly for lectures, workshops, theme evenings, further education, project discussions, and training. In addition, we get together at bar evenings to get to know each other. We strive for interdisciplinarity by connecting with students from different degrees and collaborating on projects.

#2 Who we do it for

Students can be supported by JGI in all phases of their studies. In the early semesters, students can learn about the many facets of computer science. Later on, they will work on projects or get their first jobs. For later semesters, we offer orientation events with renowned companies and research institutes.

#3 Who supports us 

The Junge Gesellschaft für Informatik is an integral part of the Berlin/Brandenburg university ecosystem. Founded at TU Berlin, we are supported here with rooms in the FH and MAR buildings and exclusive use of the WiWi Café for our lounge events. In addition, several professors act as mentors for us, for instance, within the Einstein Center of Digital Future.
As part of the Berlin Startup ecosystem we collaborate with the K.I.E.Z. incubator and the Centre for Entrepreneurship.


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